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Milan, Chris Barbalis via Wikimedia
Milan, Chris Barbalis via Wikimedia

Looking to buy one or more hotels in Italy for your commercial property investment portfolio? Our team of professionals would be pleased to assist you, from sourcing the right property to legal due-diligence.

We maintain a portfolio of properties throughout Italy, including the major Italian cities (including Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice) and in well-known vacation areas (including Lake Como and Lake Garda, the Ligurian Riviera, Rimini, Tuscany, Capri…).

Searching for your own countryside hotel or B&B in Italy?

Enjoy the Italian lifestyle to its fullest by running your own countryside hotel (agriturismo) or B&B! Our team can assist you 360⁰, from deciding on where to focus, finding the right property, immigration practicalities and business creation.

Revenue per year, 4 star hotels in Italy, 2017

Average room revenue 2017

CityRevenue / yearAverage rate, 4 star, €Occupancy rate
Period: 2017; source: Trademark Italia

Number of hotel nights stayed, 2017

Hotel nights stayed, 2016

CityHotel Nights
San Michele al Tagliamento5,317,064
Source: Istat

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Selling a hotel in Italy instead?

Professional assistance available

Are you looking to buy, sell or rent property in Italy? If you require an estate agent to support you, one who can help you bridge the culture, language and knowledge gap, do feel free to contact me with your requirements.

Selected properties for sale

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