Buildable land · Via Oriana Fallaci · Piombino · Livorno · € 270,000 · For sale

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Splendid 1930s-style villa with breathtaking views of the sea and islands: buildable lot

The villa, part of a subdivision in San Quirico, draws inspiration from the works of the well-known Swiss architect Mario Botta, responsible for the “Petra” winery in nearby Suvereto. The villa evokes the architecture of the Modern Movement (e.g. Bauhaus) of the 1930s with its slender lines, rounded corners and flat roof.

The villa hasn't been built yet; the buyer has the flexibility to specify the interior layout according to their needs; one to three units are possible. Suitable particularly as an excellent solution for a multi-generation family. The flat roof may be used as a terrace, for solar panels, and or for a swimming pool.

The building land, object of the sale, is approximately 620 m², with the project to build a splendid 1930s-style villa.

San Quirico is located in the Salivoli area, well connected to transport, shops, schools and the hospital.

Building typeBuildable land
Land (m²) Terreni · Land
Energy rating               Not applicable
Near Shops
Near Beaches
Near Transport

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