Country home · Strada di Montebamboli · Monterotondo Marittimo · Grosseto · € 560,000 · Sold

9 | 🛏 3 | 🛁 2 | Fabbricati · Buildings 239 m² | Terreni · Land 64547 m² | € 560,000 | 📷 43 | gr-58

This property has been sold. Still interested? We could inquire if the current owner would like to sell.

Country house with majestic valley view in Tuscany's Maremma

Nestled in the hills of the Maremma area of Tuscany, country home Podere Boschetti di Sotto is a perfect get-away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Two terraces are perfect for outdoor living while enjoying the beautiful views. Barbecues and a pizza oven are ready for outdoor cooking. Mini outdoor spotlights set the mood for a late evening drink. Lemon trees will keep you and your neighbors well supplied! You'll also have plenty of your own olive oil from your own olive grove. The elegantly finished two level home itself is about 230 m² (2475 ft²), set on just over 6.5 hectares (16 acres) of land. The ground floor comprises a large living room, a large kitchen, a utility room and a half-bath. The upper level includes three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a walk in closet and a study. The windows and doors are made of wood; almost all have double glazing. The roof has recently been redone and insulated. Heating is currently accomplished with wood stoves. A oil heater is present but is seldom used. The home could be hooked up to the district geothermal steam heating system; there are national energy efficiency tax credits available. High speed internet is available via an ADSL phone line (currently in place) or via radio bridge services such as EOLO or Linkem. Looking to socialize a bit or to buy groceries? No worries, the main town is less than 5 minutes away by car, 20 or so on foot, less by bike. There you’ll find services including a supermarket, a baker, a pharmacy, bars and restaurants. Not sure where to send the guests to during the day? Many nearby wineries offer tours, including those designed by famous architects: Petra (Mario Botta), Rocca di Frassinello (Renzo Piano) and the Tenuta Argentiera (Studio Bernardo Tori). Various beaches are about 45 minutes away. There are museums dedicated to the local geothermal energy production (MUBIA Geo Museo de Le Biancane, Museo della Geotermia - Larderello) and to the cast iron industry (Magma Follonica). Travel connections are straight forward. Pisa airport is less than 90 minutes away; Florence is less than 2 hours away. The nearest train station is Campiglia Marittima, about 40 minutes away. It provides direct train service to Rome, Milan, Genoa, Turin, Naples, not to mention many important cities in Tuscany including Florence and Pisa. Podere Boschetti di Sotto is a special place year round; an authentic Finish sauna on site is perfect for fall and winter relaxation. To summarize:
Building typeCountry home
NeighborhoodPodere Rena
Area (m²) Fabbricati · Buildings
CategoryCoefficient (%)Adjusted m²Note
Land (m²) Terreni · Land
Pascolo Arb1000
Semin Arbor19630
Pasc Cespug940
Pasc Cespug580
Rooms □9
Bedrooms 🛏3
Baths 🛁2
Kitchen 🍳︎Abitabile · Dine-in
Lift / elevator 🛗︎
Garden / Yard 🏡︎
Swimming pool 🏊︎
Parking 🚗︎4 posti
ConditionOttima · Excellent
FurnishedParzialmente · Partially
Energy rating               E 126.45 kWh/m² anno
Heating 🔥︎Wood
Cooling 🆒︎
Fireplace Fireplace
Windows 🪟︎Doppi vetri · Double glazing
Internet 🖧ADSL
Near Shops
Near Beaches
Near Transport
Est. expenses (€/month)0
Tax at time of sale
(1st / 2nd home)
A/22391ª € 1,073
2ª € 5,271
Pascolo Arb10001ª € 8
2ª € 8
Minimum tax if not direct cultivators/agricultural entrepreneurs; the tax will be on the declared value
Uliveto114801ª € 150
2ª € 150
Semin Arbor196301ª € 684
2ª € 684
Pasc Cespug9401ª € 2
2ª € 2
Uliveto28501ª € 25
2ª € 25
Uliveto46631ª € 61
2ª € 61
Vigneto48041ª € 146
2ª € 146
Uliveto186001ª € 243
2ª € 243
Pasc Cespug5801ª € 1
2ª € 1
Total: 1ª € 2,493
2ª € 6,690
N.b. This is an estimate; tax law is complicated: the Notaio will calculate the exact taxes due.
IMU - Municipal Property Tax593
Reference year IMU2021

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