Country home · via Matteo Renato Imbriani, 22 · Ripabottoni · Campobasso · € 650,000 · For sale

26 | 🛏 7 | 🛁 8 | Fabbricati · Buildings 557 m² | Terreni · Land 4500 m² | € 650,000 | 📷 31 | 9 | cb-75

Authentic Italy, Town & Country in one: ideal for B&B or family & guests

Rarely when searching for the ideal Italian home is it possible to find a solution with a large garden/yard which isn't too isolated from services.

This property offers a truly unique opportunity: a complex of 4 terraced (townhouse) homes, 2 of which have been lovingly renovated, overlooking a large private garden/yard (6000 m² ca. / ~65,500 ft²) with a swimming pool (6 x 9 m / ~20 x 30 ft) at the edge of a historic medieval town offering a grocery store, a bar and other services, all just a short walk away.

The renovated homes have been completed with modular flexibility in mind.

The largest of the terraced homes is currently used as the primary home and a second adjoining terraced home is configured as two apartments for visiting family or B&B guests.

Two additional adjoining terraced homes are partially renovated (new roofs, some facade work completed) and could potentially provide up to four additional apartments, ideal for hosting B&B guests.

Other solutions might be available in addition for those requiring even more space: contact us for further details.

A stupendous view of rolling hills. Flexibility to host friends, family, paying guests without giving up one's own privacy. Parking. Services. What's not to like? We can also present the home live via a video conference tool (in English, Italian or Dutch). We'd also be happy to provide additional details on the home, just ask away!

About Ripabottoni

Ripabottoni is a historic town located about 20 kilometers (12 mi) northeast of Campobasso in the region of Molise.


Ripabottoni hosts grocery stores, a nice bar, a pharmacy, a post office and an in home restaurant. The provincial capital, Campobasso, is about 40 minutes away.

Leisure activities

The seaside resort town of Termoli is less than an hour away, as is skiing in the Monti del Matese. There are hiking and cycling opportunities galore.


The nearest railway station is Ripabottoni-S.Elia. 6,7 km from town center. There are several daily train and bus connections to Campobasso, with onward connections to Rome, Naples and elsewhere. Airports to consider include Naples, Pescara, Rome and Bari.

Building typeCountry home
Area (m²) Fabbricati · Buildings
CategoryCoefficient (%)Adjusted m²Note
Land (m²) Terreni · Land
Semin Arbor1960
Semin Arbor80
Semin Arbor165
Semin Arbor2085
Rooms □26
Bedrooms 🛏7
Baths 🛁8
Kitchen 🍳︎Abitabile · Dine-in
Lift / elevator 🛗︎
Garden / Yard 🏡︎✓ 6000 m²
Swimming pool 🏊︎✓ ~6 x 9 m
Parking 🚗︎3-4 posti · places
ConditionOttima · Excellent
FurnishedParzialmente · Partially
Energy rating               G 297.85 kWh/m² anno EPgl,nren
Heating 🔥︎Gas
Cooling 🆒︎
Fireplace Fireplace
Solar panels
Windows 🪟︎Doppi vetri · Double glazing
Internet 🖧Ponte radio – Radio bridge
Near Shops
Near Beaches
Near Transport
Est. expenses (€/month)0
Tax at time of sale
(1st / 2nd home)
A/2901ª € 362
2ª € 1,778
A/21891ª € 811
2ª € 3,982
A/4451ª € 105
2ª € 519
A/4391ª € 84
2ª € 416
A/6951ª € 102
2ª € 503
A/6991ª € 114
2ª € 566
D/101ª € 1,894
2ª € 1,894
Seminativo1501ª € 7
2ª € 7
Minimum tax if not direct cultivators/agricultural entrepreneurs; the tax will be on the declared value
Seminativo601ª € 1
2ª € 1
Semin Arbor19601ª € 119
2ª € 119
Semin Arbor801ª € 4
2ª € 4
Semin Arbor1651ª € 10
2ª € 10
Semin Arbor20851ª € 127
2ª € 127
Total: 1ª € 3,840
2ª € 10,026
N.b. This is an estimate; tax law is complicated: the Notaio will calculate the exact taxes due.

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